A Sneak Peak at Some Things Slated for Mari Extension Pack

Jens Kafitz Gives an Advance Look at Workflow Features Coming to Extension Pack, Allowing Smart Materials and Masks Using Global Map Slots In Mari

MARI Extension Pack creator Jens Kafitz posts a sneak look into some new workflow features for an up-coming release. Pack 4 (Update 5) will allow users to add smart materials and smart masks to global map slots within Mari. This should be a great addition to the Mari toolset, and to the pack.

Little Sneak Peak at some workflow improvements for Mari Extension Pack 4 (Update 5)

Mari Extension pack is a suite of over 200 feature additions and workflow improvements to MARI. The pack includes lots of procedural nodes and adjustment layers along with workflow enhancements for managing layers, channels and projects.

The Pack is ever-growing. The last update saw the addition of shader presets, multi renaming updates, smart renaming and a new checker node, among other things.

The Pack is available now for €35 for a single license, or €250 for an unlimited seat site license. Visit the release notes for a complete list of features.