How to Add VEX Snippets to Wrangle Nodes

Alvaro Castaneda Shows How to Add Custom VEX Snippets to Wrangle Nodes in Houdini

Mix Training’s Alvaro Castaneda shows how you can add your own custom VEX snippets to Wrangle Nodes in Side FX Houdini. When you are in an attribute wrangle node, there is a drop down that lists some commonly used VEX snippets.

If you have ever wondered where they come from, and how you can add your own, Castaneda shows that it is as simple as adding a file to the root Houdini Preferences folder. The VEXpressions.txt needs to be formatted a certain way, which Castaneda also covers. Once placed in the correct spot, and after restarting Houdini, you should see your custom VEX snippet listed in the Wrangle node.

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