Use SOuP’s Copier for a Voxel Effect in Maya

SOuP Project Contributor Jeremy Raven Shows How to Create a Voxel Effect in Maya that Uses SOuP’s Copy Node

SOuP Project Contributor Jeremy Raven walks through creating an ocean effect turned into Lego. The tutorial shows how you can use a Maya Ocean texture and transform it into a stylized lego-like voxel effect.

In Maya, there are a few ways you can approach creating this type of effect. There are scripts that you can use, you can tinker around with the Maya API, or more recently, you can even use MASH, Maya’s motion graphics toolkit. Jeremy Raven has offered some insights into the voxel effect before, with a look at using the Copier for a motion graphics effect. That used Maya’s fluid container to control instance scale, color, and position.

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