How to Extrude Multiple Curves With UVs in Houdini

Pedro Alpiarça Shows How You Can Extrude Multiple Profile Curves Along Multiple Path Curves While Also Creating UVs

3D Animation Pipeline generalist Pedro Alpiarça walks through a techniques that makes a setup to allow any number of profiles or paths in one extrusion. The setup will also automatically create UV’s. The UVs are determined with respective proportions based on the length of the profiles and paths used. “The resulting UVs is actually a composite of the UV’s that are generated for both the curves and then main operations sweeps”. Pedro says.

There are a few hoops to go through to achieve the desired UV’s. The Sweep SOP doesn’t support vertex at UV, and with the Texture SOP, Point UV’s cant be discontinuous. Alpiarça details a workaround using polygon curves for the Sweep SOP and Arc Length Spline types for the Texture SOP.

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