New Parametric C4D Boolean Plugin Will Change How You Work

The Great Summit Launches MeshBoolean, a Boolean Plugin that Boosts Object Workflow Inside Cinema 4D

The Great Summit has a new plugin available for Cinema 4D. MeshBoolean is a boolean plugin that is set to change the way you work in C4D. The plugin offers an expanded parametric workflow. This means that you can work with “live” boolean effects and worry less about the surfaces you are working with.

Meshboolean changes the way you work with boolean objects inside Cinema 4D

MeshBoolean gives you instant live bevels on all your intersections, has support for symmetry, along with sub-boolean options. Now you can carve out complex shapes and build objects more creatively, without having to worry about the technicalities. If you like to work with booleans, you can finally get creative again.

The Boolean Plugin Features:

  • Parametric workflow
  • Instant live bevels on your intersections
  • Symmetry options
  • Shortcuts for a boolean operations
  • Subboolean options

MeshBoolean costs €50.00 (around $58.00) and is available through The Great Summit.