VFX Homeland posts a free, easy to use, droplet solver for Houdini. The tool allows you to place and animate dew drops or condensation water drops on any object. The Houdini Asset gives you a droplet solver node. This node has two inputs. One for the input geometry for the effect, and the other is the initial source for the droplet. Adding a null to that input will make the solver add a default drop for the effect.

Easy to Use

There are plenty of parameters that can be tweaked. You can change things like drop speed, size, number of droplets, resolution, and adaptivity to name a few. The best part is, the free Solver is a Houdini asset, which means that you can easily use it in any other host application using the Houdini engine. This includes Cinema 4D, Maya, Unreal, etc.

Get It

There isn’t a page, as yet, for the Houdini Droplet Solver… it seems like you can download it through a direct download link in the video’s description.