Create Dazzling Patterns in Houdini With Modular Multiplication

Alvaro Castaneda Works With Modular Multiplication Theory in Houdini With Amazing Results

Mix Studio’s Alvaro Castaneda dives into creating some awesome looking shapes using a simple method in Houdini — Modular multiplication. In math, modular arithmetic is a system where numbers can wrap around when they reach a certain value — like a clock.

how to make awesome looking shapes using a simple method, Modular Multiplication

Using Modular multiplication theory within Side FX Houdini, you can get some really detailed looking patterns and shapes using a really simple technique. This is a similar technique that was shown by Anastasia Opara, in a tutorial that showed how you can create what she calls, meditational programming. Opara, who was inspired by pendulum based animations, used simple VEX code to create patterns.

There is a simple online tool for visualizing modular maths around a circle. You can input an arbitrary number of points and a multiplier and instantly see the results.

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