Maya AnimProxy Will Easily Turn Controls to Primitives & Back

AnimProxy Can Help Visualize Maya Controller Motion in Animation

Animator Brian Horgan is also a tools developer. He has written a few tools that can assist and help the animation process in Maya. His Ghost Tool is a popular Maya add-on that can let users onion-skin poses. Have a look at his new one: AnimProxy.

The tool will allow you replace any controller selection in Maya with a primitive sphere. This is a great way to identify what particular controllers are doing when you are animating. “This can help speed up your scene and give you a fresh perspective on your animation, very useful when you’ve been working on a shot for a while!” Horgan says.

A click of a button will replace a controller with a sphere (or cube). Likewise, another click will toggle everything back again. You can get AnimProxy here.  It looks like a promising addition to an animator’s toolset.