Create Mesmerizing VEX Animations by Experimenting With Sin

Anastasia Opara Shows How to Create Intricate VEX Animations Using Only VEX, Exploring Two Sin Functions

Anastasia Opara enjoys creating what she calls “meditational programming” —That is creating mesmerizing line-art experiments with VEX animations. Using Side FX Houdini and VEX, Opara is able to create some amazingly intricate animated patterns.

Inspired by pendulum based drawings, Opara has put together a short 15 minute tutorial that explores using 2 Sin functions and their interactions with each other. With a relatively small algorithm, you can make some really amazing animated patterns with Houdini VEX. Anastasia covers a bit of the theory behind how the algorithms will work, then walks through how to practically put it together within Houdini.

VEX is great for all kinds of things, including experimenting with generative art. A while back, Dan Goodwin, a pipeline TD at Double Negative, showed how you can create amazingly detailed patterns using L-Systems With Houdini working with VEX.