How To Build a Procedural Truss Support System in Houdini

Tobias Steiner Demonstrates How You Can Create a Procedural Truss System in Side FX Houdini

FrameHaus LLC’s Tobias Steiner posts a tutorial that shows how to build a procedurally based truss support system inside of Side FX Houdini. This is an excellent watch if you are just getting started in Houdini. It really shows off the power of procedural workflows for model building.

A beginner’s tutorial covering how to create a procedural truss support model in SideFX Houdini

Steiner was working on a project that needed support trusses and was surprised to find that there were no tutorials or guides that show how to approach building the model. Steiner mentions that you could quickly create some art-directable controls for the system using VEX and other Houdini tools.

FrameHaus LLC is Tobias Steiner’s boutique Visual Effects shop that specializes in 3D and motion graphics.