Learn Houdini Geometry Essentials, New at HipFlask

Hipflask adds to the Houdini Made Easy series with a new Houdini Geometry Essentials class.

How essential is geometry to the 3D process? Kind of a weird question, right? When working with Side FX Houdini, geometry is everything. It underpins everything you will do from VFX, modeling, UVs, scene layout, and more. It all starts with geometry. That is why it’s essential to understand the underlying foundations.

A new class from HipFlask covers all the Houdini Geometry Essentials, covering components and primitive types. The course offers over 3 hours of instruction in 36 video tutorials from instructor Fraser Shiers.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a deep understanding of:

  • Houdini’s geometry components – points, vertices, primitives, edges, and breakpoints
  • How geometry is constructed in Houdini by connecting points
  • The importance and power of vertices in controlling connectivity
  • The concepts, theories and practical uses of Houdini’s primitive types – polygons, NURBS, beziers, meshes, polysoups and quadratic primitives
  • How to easily convert from one primitive type to another – plus when and why you’d want to

The course is the first of three sessions in the Geometry Essentials Collection, step two on the Houdini Made Easy learning path.

Check out Houdini Geometry Essentials 01 here to learn more.