Create an Arnold Toon Shader With This Cel Shader Tool

Technical and Rigging Artist Steffano Richi Shares a Free Cel SHader Tool for Arnold 5 & Maya

Solid Angle’s Arnold had a couple of options for creating that cel-shaded cartoon look. One of the options was Anders Langlands’s alCel shader that used an alSurface using Maya Ramp nodes. Unfortunately, alCel isn’t compatible with Arnold 5.

The Solid Angle team have been hard at work creating a new and advanced cel shader. The examples look really promising.

In the meantime, echnical and Rigging Artist Steffano Richi found a simple way to reproduce alCel in Arnold 5 and has built a tool around it. The Cell Shader Tool allows you to create a toon shader using Maya native nodes. IT will also create AOV’s automatically for rendering.

The tool is free to download, visit the post for the Maya tool to learn more.