Projecting Animated Textures With Octane in C4D

Juris Malasenoks Shows How to Project Video & Animated Textures on Objects With Octane Render

Zulu8‘s Juris Malasenok walks through the steps to create a simple scene that projects animated textures onto objects in Cinema 4D when rendering with Otoy’s Octane Render. Projections are an essential component of visual effects work, but they can also offer an ideal look or visual appeal to a scene.

Malasenok starts with an image sequence and a shader. The tutorial goes on to show how to use a camera to project that image sequence onto an object.

Want to Learn More About Camera Projections in C4D?

Digital Meat’s Samuel Winter’s tutorial can help you get started using Projection Man in Cinema 4D.

Motion Graphics Artist Daniel Danielsson shows you how to create a fantastic space and planet shot that makes use of projections.

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