Advanced Modeling With Mesh Boolean in C4D

Mesh Boolean Now Supports all Mograph Objects in Cinema 4D

The Great Summit posts a look at some more advanced modeling techniques when using their Mesh Boolean plugin in Cinema 4D. Mesh Boolean fundamentally changes the way that you work with booleans in C4D, offering a parametric workflow, instant bevels symmetry and sub-boolean options.

A recent update to the plugin added support for all of C4D’s Mograph objects. You can use an array of objects to carve out holes, shapes or forms in any polygon-object, making a more complex object. The plugin’s parametric workflow allows you to create changes at any time. Alongside Mograph objects, the plugin also supports groups and nested booleans, that is to say, a meshboolean object within a mesh boolean object.

MeshBoolean is compatible with CINEMA 4D R17 or later (latest build for each version).
Studio, Visualize, Broadcast and Prime, Student.
Both Mac & PC builds included.
64 bit only.

The plugin is available for €50.00 (around $58.00), and you can find out more information through The Great Summit.