Redshift 2.5 Will Add Vastly Improved Maya IPR

A New Feature of Redshift 2.5 is a New Render View That Greatly Improves IPR Response

The Redshift team shows off some of the new features that are coming up for Redshift 2.5 x. A short new feature preview shows Redshift Maya IPR improvements. Maya’s native render-view has limitations that can affect how responsive the interactive preview renderer  (IPR) feels.

The new Redshift 2.5 Render View takes aim at making that much better. RS render view improves on speed with near real-time updates during scene changes. The speed increase can also be noticed with camera movement, shader changes, and animation playback.

Check out the side-by-side comparison that shows off some of the improvements. The demonstration was recorded using a dual GTX 980ti rig. Looks like an amazing implementation!