Hard-Surface Modeling With 3D-Coat Primitives & Booleans

Matthias Pieroth from Jayanam Games Offers a Concise Quick-Start for Hard-Surface Modeling With 3D-Coat Primitives and Booleans

3D sculpting applications can have a bit of a barrier to entry. New users can feel as if there are thousands of tools to learn and strange new ways to work them. That doesn’t necessarily need to be accurate however. With 3D-Coat, you can get away with plenty, just by using a handful of tools. This is especially evident in Jayanam’s latest tutorial that shows how you can create hard-surface models using primitives and booleans.

Using simple shapes such as cylinders as primary objects and subtractive objects, you can progressively add details to your models in 3D-Coat. There are also more complicated primitives in 3DC such as conventional screws that can be used rather than building out those pieces every time.

As Matthias notes, retopology is in order after a quick hard-surface sculpt like this one.