Learn the Basics of Xgen Grooming in Maya

Learn the Basics of Xgen Grooming

Jesus Fernandez Calderon Offers a Step By Step Guide That Introduces Xgen Grooming Tools and Techniques

3D Artist Jesus Fernandez Calderon is quite active on Patreon where he covers Xgen, Xgen grooming, 3D modeling, and some Redshift stuff too. Before the Christmas break, Calderon posted a free series to help get people started with the basics of working with Xgen.

The series covers a lot of tips and tricks that are designed to help solve some of the most common problems that new users stumble across when first getting into Maya’s powerful geometry instancer.

“You might have noticed, Xgen can be quite tricky sometimes with random errors that most of the time are because of the wrong use of the workflow,” Calderon says. “Once you get it right, you would notice how strong is the software that Maya has and the possibilities that you can open to get a better hair on your works!”.

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