Using the VoxRay Tool in 3D Coat for Revealing and Slicing Your Model

A recently added feature to 3D Coat 4.5 is the new VoxRay tool. The addition lets you slice, reveal or inspect your model by means of a plane in the viewport.

helpful for inspecting your model, inside and out, when prepping it for 3D Printing

You can interactively slice your model and have a look inside it using the VoxRay tool. This can be helpful for creating cutaways and cross-sections of a model. It is also pretty useful for when you need to inspect a model before it is 3D Printed.

Using the VoxRay tool, you can inspect your model inside and out, looking for flaws that will affect the 3D printing process. While moving around the VoxRay Gizmo, you can check for wall thickness, and internal structure that can adversely affect your 3D print run.