An Introduction to Houdini: How to Make Digital Assets

Rohan Dalvi Covers the Basics for Creating Digital Assets in Side FX Houdini

Rohan Dalvi continues his free introduction series to Side FX Houdini for absolute beginners. The latest installment covers making Houdini Digital Assets. Houdini, being a procedural application, lets you build things using a network of nodes. You can turn your networks into reusable custom nodes that harbor a custom interface — A digital asset.

Digital assets in Houdini are more than working with simple objects in the scene. They can contain complex actions, tools, or an entire character, or all of those all in one package. You can do some incredible things with assets. What’s more, assets can work in a lot of other host applications using the Houdini Engine. That list includes Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity and more.

Watch Rohan Dalvi walk through creating a reusable asset, working with the table that was the subject of the previous tutorials.