Use the LOD Object With Cloner Objects in C4D for More Efficiency

Glenn Frey Shows How You Can Have Cinema 4D Clones Work With LOD for Better Scene Management

Level of Detail is something that most gamers are all familiar with, even if you are unaware. When objects get closer to the camera, they will automatically increase in detail. It works by a system that can interoperate or load multiple resolutions of the same mesh. A new LOD Object (Level of Detail) in Cinema 4D R19 facilitates this pretty quickly.

You are even able to use the LOD object along with a cloner object in C4D. That makes sense as you can keep things reasonably nimble in the viewport, swapping out lower and higher resolutions for lots of objects as their distance to the camera changes. For example, a sphere that far away can swap out with a cube. Using the LOD Object in Cinema is intuitive, but here, Glenn Frey shows how you can efficiently use it along with the Cloner, with this Maxon quick tip tutorial.