Sparkle’s “The Terracotta Army”

The Terracotta army arrives in the UK in 2018. Check out for the breakdown of this project. Built in Cinema 4D using Turbulence FD.


Liverpool Museums commissioned us earlier this year to produce the trailer that announces the Terracotta Army arriving in Liverpool in 2018. Their brief was simple, something organic…


The result was very organic flowing ink and smoke although the approach and construction was entirely digital. After some intense research on how smoke and ink behaves, we set about simulating the ink and smoke plumes. Over the 4 week period off the project, we generated  over 10 Terabytes of simulation data. In this case study we’ve included some of the simulations that didn’t make the cut as well as aa few differing styles in our early approach. Colour and final look was a very difficult decision, we’ve included two directors cuts .. from the light version that went out and a dark version with hints of colour.

A technically ambitious project which gave us a great learning curve into other process.


Concept & Art Direction: Sparkle*

Direction : Liverpool Museums


Production: Sparkle*