A Guide For Using FiberMesh in Animation Production

Technical Artist Benjamin Morgan Shares His Process for Converting FiberMesh Into a Maya Hair System

Hair systems are everywhere. Even though Maya has a few methods for creating hair such as xGen and nHair, you might find these systems not as intuitive as the one made for sculptors in ZBrush — FiberMesh.

FiberMesh, a tool developed as a unique mesh generation tool in ZBrush for creating hair and fur, builds actual geometry that looks great. If you find yourself working within a more extensive animation pipeline, you will need a method to get fiberFiberMeshmesh out to other applications.

Technical Artist, Ben Morgan covers his method for taking ZBrush’s hair into Maya, and connect it to Maya’s native hair system. That includes setting up the follicles to follow the character mesh.

Morgan uses a custom script of his, that can convert a ZBrush hair to a nHair system and calculate the correct follicle UV values for each strand.