Creating Puddles With Redshift and Cinema 4D

Artist Jean-Marc Denis Shows How to Approach Building Puddles With Redshift and C4D

3D Artist Jean-Marc Denis walks through how to approach creating puddles with Redshift in Cinema 4D. The tutorial covers using Photoshop to generate roughness maps that along with grunge textures make up the ground.

Jean-Marc steps through building the shader that includes a displacement blender node.

More Puddle-Making in C4D and Others

Wet pavement and puddles is a topic that gets a lot of coverage with tutorial-makers.

Most recent, 3D Generalist Timo Noack shows showed he created his realistic puddle scene with Cinema 4D and Octane Render.

3D Artist and tutorial maker Daniel Danielsson also covered how to create procedurally generated puddles in C4D with Xpresso and the Standard Renderer.

If you are curious how other DCC’s approach the same topic, then you can have a look at Blender Guru’s Greg Zaal and Andrew Price showing how the method differs with Blender.