Rig Export Offers a Better Exchange Between Maya and Games

Rig Export Converter Can Exchange Rigs and Animations Between Maya and Popular Game Engines

Are your exported characters and animations bunked up somehow? Maya has an export routine that will allow you to send your rigged characters and animations over to game engines. If you find that system lagging, then you should have a look at Nikolay Kurakin’s (Rigger.ws) Rig Export Converter.

Rig Export Converter you can exchange animation data and complex character rigs between Maya and game engines (Unity, Cry Engine, etc.)

It’s a single button that can export complex character rigs and animation data between Maya and most of the popular game engines, including Unity, Cry Engine, etc. To transport your rig with the Rig Export tool select the geometry and hit the convert button.

The script will automatically generate a new skeleton that will work much better as a clean export. Now you can select the new model and joints and ship that rig to any format.

If you have ever had a complicated rig that you wanted to push as FBX, you will know that it can sometimes be problematic. Instead of fidgeting with settings and numerous-export attempts, why not give Rig Export Converter a try.