Working With Moho’s Color Points to Add More Dimension

McCoy Buck Shows How You Can Use Moho Color Points to Add More Dimension to Your Animations

Artist and Animator McCoy Buck demonstrates how you can add some more dimensional life to your characters in Moho, by using the color points feature. The tutorial covers how you can make your existing animations look better without too much trouble. “Shout out to Troy Picou for discovering the potential of this tool!” McCoy mentions.

Added back in Moho (or Anime Studio) version 11, Color Points lets you easily blend stroke colors. There are all kinds of uses for this tool, and one of them is to add lighting and shading effects to characters. McCoy walks through the process on a simple rabbit-like character.

Want to learn how to create, rig and animate characters in Moho? McCoy Buck has a wealth of courses available that range from getting started, to more advanced rigging setups, to working with the 12 principles of animation. Visit McCoy’s Moho Studio Academy to learn more!