Comparing Diffusion and Random Walk SSS in Arnold

Arvid Schneider Offers a Look Into the Visual Differences Between Using Diffusing and the New Random Walk SSS Modes in Arnold

It’s hard not to get excited about rendering these days with so many new technologies out there. One that looks promising is Arnold’s new Random Walk SSS (Sub-Surface Scatter) mode. Random Walk is a mathematical construct that defines a series of random steps within a space. Math aside, the critical thing to know about the random walk is that it makes SSS look so much better, and it also works faster too.

Watch Lighting TD Arvid Schneider’s demonstration that shows the differences between the now-old diffuse SSS and the new Random Walk SSS methods in Arnold. Arivd shows how each parameter compares to each rendering. It’s pretty easy to see that the new SSS is superior in every way.

Arvid also covers how he created the shader that he uses in the demonstration which is he also offers as a reward to his Patreon members.