How to Create Water Droplets With Arnold Clip Geo

Arvid Schneider shows a clever way to create water droplets using an Arnold Clip Geo shader and displacement.

One thing that ends up to be a nice touch in renders is to have water droplets where appropriate. There are lots of different ways that you can approach this. We’ve seen from modeling and scatteringtexturing generation, and even specialized solvers. A new tutorial from Lighting TD Arvid Schneider shows a slightly different method that uses a displacement and the Arnold Clip Geo shader.

It’s a simple approach to create water droplets on any surface. Arvid uses the Arnold Clip Geo shader and displacement node to create water droplets in what he calls a super-fast but “hackneyed” method. Regardless of what Arvid thinks, the technique looks like a super-fast way to create great-looking water drops without too many issues.

If you are a patron of Arvid’s channel, you can download the source files for this tutorial.