Create a Particle Flow on a Surface With Cinema 4D

A Short Tutorial Shows How Cinema 4D Thinking Particles and Xpresso Makes for an Easy Particle Flow

Before there were stellar particle tools for Cinema 4D such as X-Particles, there were Thinking Particles. What Thinking PArticles lacked, could easily be made up for by using Xpresso, C4D’s native node-based expression language.¬†Jump forward to today, and thinking particle tutorials are quite a rarity. That doesn’t mean that the particle tools in Cinema 4D are not that useful. It’s pretty easy to create a Particle Flow.

If you can’t afford X-Particles, why not learn how to create and manage particle flow on the surface of another object in the scene using C4D’s thinking particles, and Xpresso. Watch this short tutorial from that covers the process admirably.