How to Create Jelly Motion With Cinema 4D Particles

Lonnie Busch works with Cinema 4D particles to create a jelly-like motion using the Matrix Object.

It’s easy to forget the power of Cinema 4D native workflows, especially when talking about particles. But yes, Cinema 4D has particle systems that you can control with Xpresso, Thinking Particles. In this new tutorial Xpresso master, Lonnie Busch shows the workflow for creating animation with C4D’s Thinking Particles and creating jelly-like motion.

Using the Matrix Object for Particle Patterns.

Thinking Particles in C4D get overlooked just because they are not as intuitive as something like X-Particles. That doesn’t mean that they are any less efficient. The tutorial covers using the MAtrix object in C4D to get most of the effect. “We will employ the help of the mighty and versatile Matrix Object to do the heavy lifting in our TP setup to create stunning patterns and motion graphics,” Busch says.

“It’s fun, it’s easy, and with a touch of Xpresso, we’ll add multiple TP Groups and direct each group with specific instructions and dynamics.”