Easily Animate Particles Between Objects in C4D

Mike Udin latest tutorial shows how you can create particles between C4D objects using Thinking Particles.

With excellent tools like X-Particles around, it’s pretty easy to forget that Cinema 4D has a robust particle system in Thinking Particles. You can have unprecedented controls over particles in C4D using Xpresso. The problem then becomes, how do you create a node network to do what you want? Check out this free tutorial from Mike Udin, who shows how you can create and animate particles between objects into streams.

The tutorial is an excerpt from a premium training series that uncovers the mysteries of working with Cinema 4D, Xpresso, and Thinking Particles. The series offers you more than 5 hours of videos, covers the creation of advanced particles effects in Cinema 4D. There are also several videos that explain how you can solve some issues using XPresso: creating Vertex maps, working with splines using Python nodes, working with Mograph-effectors, etc. Check out the premium training series here.

X-Particles is the ultimate particle and effects tool for Cinema 4D. Visit our friends at ToolFarm to learn more and get X-Particles.