A Quick Trick for Water Dribble in Nuke

Visual Effects Supervisor Hugo Guerra Shares a Quick Trick to Make Realistic Water Dribble and Drops

Hugo Guerra shares a tip of his for creating animated water dribble and drops on a character in the composition phase of a project. Typically effects such as water dribble might be generated by particle effects. That can be costly as particles, and dynamic simulations can be notoriously time-consuming to set up. Hugo experimented and found another method that uses a 2.5D technique that can be pretty convincing.

Hugo shows how to use the UVs from the object that you want water effects on to composite a VFX clip of rain on a window. You can then use the geometry cache of the object to project a 2D water element on the surface. Hugo mentions that this is the first or more videos recorded from a Nuke workshop filmed at Splash 2017.