Greg Hendrix Shows How You Can Quickly Set Up a Realistic Curtains With Maya’s nCloth Dynamics.

3D Artist Greg Hendrix walks through using Maya’s nCloth to create simple curtains by way of a dynamic simulation. Curtains would be simple to model, although difficult to get the shapes flowing correctly, and realistically. That’s is why many will turn to dynamics and simulation to quickly create things like folded material.

Maya’s nCloth is well suited for a task like this. Greg shows how you can quickly and easily set up a dynamic simulation with nCloth, getting the realistic folding and draping look of the curtain. ALthough nCloth is a capable method for creating cloth and fabric, there are specialized pieces of software that were designed to handle that type of workflow. One of them is Marvelous Designer, which lets you simulate 3D fabrics and even provides tools to fabricate clothing for your 3D characters.