Creating and Shading Wrinkled Cloth in Maya

Reimagine Fx shows an easy way to create and shade wrinkled cloth in Maya using nCloth.

I’m enjoying Amar Shinde (Reimagine Fx) look into working with Maya nCloth to create motion graphics effects. In another installment, you can discover how you can easily create and shade wrinkled cloth using nCloth and a simple procedural shading network.

Creating Wrinkled Cloth Using Forces.

The tutorial covers a couple of ways to create the folds in the cloth, one using forces while the other uses simple dynamics. Amar then shows how you can create a simple shading network to render out an image.

More from Reimagine FX.

Another tutorial from Reimagine Fx shows how to work with the nCloth attributes to create a popping balloon. The pressure and tear settings generate the force that will pop and tear the balloon dynamically.