How to Create an Easy Shrink-wrap Effect Using nCloth

Amar Shinde shows how you can create a quick shrink-wrap effect using Maya nCloth.

A new tutorial from Reimagine FX, Amar Shinde, shows how you can create a shrink-wrap effect using nCloth in Autodesk Maya. While Maya has a shrink wrap deformer, it’s a more practical tool rather than one that is FX-based.

nCloth Negative Pressure.

Again playing with the pressure settings under the nCloth attributes, Shinde shows how a negative value can offer a quick way to create a shrink-wrap look for motion graphics work.

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Reimagine FX has quite a few tutorials that make use of nCloth more modeling, animation, and motion graphics purposes. The last one showed how you could easily model a pillow in Maya using nCloth and pressure settings on a simple primitive.