How to Pop a Balloon Using nCloth in Maya

Reimagine Fx shows how you can pop a balloon using only nCloth tools in Autodesk Maya.

Amar Shinde (Reimagine Fx) continues his series that looks into using Maya nCloth for motion graphics animation. The latest installment shows how you can use nCloth to create an effect that will pop a balloon.

nCloth Settings and Tearing.

The tutorial shows how to work with the nCloth attributes for the best results in the pop effect. The pressure and tear settings create the force that will pop and tear the balloon dynamically.

More from Reimagine FX.

Reimagine FX has quite a few tutorials that make use of nCloth more modeling, animation, and motion graphics purposes. The last one showed how you could easily model a pillow in Maya using nCloth and pressure settings on a simple primitive.