A No VEX Approach to Volumetric Liquids in Houdini

Merkvilson Demonstrates How to Create Volumetric Liquids in Side FX Houdini Using Fluids Simulation.

If you use Cinema 4D, you probably know about Merkvilson. The prolific tutorial author has a ton of great C4D tutorials and tools often doled out from his Patreon. A recent tutorial switches gears a bit and moves over to Side FX Houdini to show how you can create volumetric liquids without using any VEX code.

Instead, the effect of the volumetric liquid use FLIP fluid simulations and starts by creating an object, applying a fluid source node and altering its settings.

A favorite topic with 3D centers around creating and rendering volumetric effects, a domain where Houdini excels, possibly above other CDD apps. Check out these other tutorials that show volumetric effects in Houdini collected over the last little while to learn more about various methods.