How to Create a Node-Based IK Switch in Maya

Supergreen Offers a Look Into Creating an IK Switch in Maya Using Nodes.

Being able to switch from IK to FK in a rig is an important feature, and there are plenty of ways that you can facilitate an IK Switch in Autodesk Maya. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, but a method that is reliable, fast and solid is to use nodes rather than constraints or driven keys.

How can nodes create an IK switch? Check out Supergreen tutorials’ stepped look into building one. The tutorial walks through the process using an example that will also cleverly show what is happening when the switch is activated.

More Node-Based Setups

A while back, CG Generalist Bjørn Blaabjerg Sørensen showed how to create what he calls a SuperMegaFK system, which is an IK rig that has an FK rig on top of it.

Nazmi Yazici shoed how to eliminate popping joints with a dual knee setup in Maya that also made extensive use of nodes.