Create a Rock Kitbash Collection in 3D-Coat

The 3D-Coat Team Post a Look at Creating Your own Rock Kitbash Collection.

Kitbashing is a great way to put together models and scenes quickly. The thing is, you need to have an array of elements within your collection to do so. If you are looking to speed up your workflow when creating environments, then it’s not a bad idea to build a library of rock and rock-elements that you can use.

The 3D-Coat channel walks through some of the processes and tools that you can use to create your very-own kitbash collection of rocks. The tutorial covers a lot of great tips and shows how some tools in 3dc can quickly rough out rocks and other sculpted forms.

For another view into creating rocks with 3D-Coat, be sure to check out Anton Tenitsky demonstrate how he likes to sculpt rocks wth this tutorial.