How to Create a Dynamic Sphere Sim Using Houdini and C4D

Alexader Golubeff Shows How to Create a Dynamic Sphere in a Sphere Sim Using Houdini FEM and C4D for Rendering.

Motion Artist Alexader Golubeff shares a short 10-minute tutorial that shows how to create what he calls “Spheres Madness”. The scene has dynamically moving spheres that are bound by a bigger one. Ther are likely many ways to do this in Side FX Houdini, but Golubeff uses FEM to create the dynamic sphere simulation.

FEM is a Finite Element Method, a way to solve the mathematical problems of fluid flow, heat transfer, structural analysis and more. In Houdini’s case, Finite Elements allow you to simulate objects as solids as if they had stuff inside of them.

Golubeff walks through how to build the simulation in Houdini and then exports the sim to Cinema 4D for lighting, materials and rendering with the Redshift Renderer.