Easily Zero Out Path Tangents in Ae

Easily Zero Out Path Tangents in Ae

Never Guess Again About Path Tangents Handles Thanks to Paul Conigliaro’s Script.

How frustrating is it to manage the curves of position path tangents in After Effects? You are not alone. If you’ve ever set a position keyframe and adjusted the handles to get the curve that you are looking for, the next keyframe will practically destroy your tweaks.

If your focus is on animation, then you would want to get Paul Conigliaro’s Script, Zero Tangents which takes care of setting handles to zero for you with a single click. Zero Tangents lets you set them in, out, or both tangents handle to 0 for whatever position keyframe that is selected. The After Effects tool can be run as a ScriptUI panel within Ae, or if you use KBar, you can run it “headless” from there.

Zero Tangents is a pay-what-you-want tool, and you can learn more about it here.

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