Push Your Creativity in Houdini With Niels Prayer

CGMA’s Organic Design in Houdini Focuses on Creative Effects for Opening Titles.

Join Niels Prayer in the brand new exciting workshop, “Organic design in Houdini,” using the power of Houdini to implement complex effects efficiently. Along these six weeks, students will see a bunch of different setups to master motion design through several practical examples from scratch to compositing. After this class, you’ll be able to play with the software with a clear idea of the techniques behind each effect and then, unleash your creativity! Students will have 1-year access to content with payment plans available.

Check out the course here: Organic Design In Houdini, A 6-week course on creating complex effects in Houdini.

Niels Prayer / Futuredeluxe

Niels Prayer is a French motion designer, director, and art director – who is continually looking for new ways to create images and find inspiration from different cultures all around the world. Nature and Humanist themes are at the heart of Niels creations, and he works on those subjects with passion and respect. Niels is also a musician and a composer of which has influenced his storytelling as well.