Andrew Silke Shares Tips for Character Retopo

Watch a Timelapse With Commentary and Tips as Andrew Does Some Character Retopo With Maya’s Quad Draw.

Retopology of dense meshes from sculpts is more art than science. When creating character retopo, some workflow tips can make things go faster, but there are also concepts that you need to keep in mind for the kind of work that you are doing. Watch instructor Andrew Silke (Gravity, Avatar, Harry Potter) as he goes over how he creates topologies for a crock character with Quad Draw in Maya.

Planning is always crucial for character retopo, as is ensuring that the critical areas of the model are set up best for deformation and animation in mind.

This video is part of a two and a half hour class wholly dedicated to retopology with rigging and animation in mind, from Create 3d Characters. The course covers workflows that will help you sculpt characters quickly ready for retopology in a production/professional environment.