Best Practices for Quads, Triangles, and N-Gons in C4D

Mario Brajdich Discusses Best Practices for Using Quads, Triangles, and N-Gons When Modeling in Cinema 4d.

What’s the big deal behind modeling with triangles anyway? When should I use a Quad? Can I have an n-gon here? These are all great questions for first-time modelers to ask when learning the craft. Even some intermediate modelers are not sure when a triangle is ok to use. I mean, after all, everything is a triangle when a model renders anyway, isn’t it? Everything will is quads once it’s subdivided, right?

Basically yes, but there is a bit more to it than that. Helping to impart some answers is Elementza’s Mario Brajdich who demonstrates the constructive differences between quads, tris, and the objects that have more than 4-sides, the dreaded n-gons.

Mario has a course called the HARD SURFACE 3D MODELING WORKSHOP that helps get new C4D users started with complex modeling.