New MagicaVoxel Update Adds Bloom and Bokeh Effects

Ephtracy’s MagicaVoxel underwent some new changes in the latest release. Version 0.98.2 added bloom and bokeh effects to the path tracking renderer.

MagicaVoxel is a free, super-fun 3D Voxel editor that has a nice path tracing renderer incorporated. It lets you intuitively create 8-bit voxel models, scenes and render them into really amazing looking images and animations.

The latest version also added a new HDR emissive material, ground material, and lets you pause rendering, and adds some more AA control, letting you turn off antialiasing to get a great chunky “pixelized” look.

From the MagicaVoxel Update Log:


  • click the button in Bloom section to calculate bloom effect when any rendeirng setting has been changed
  • it has its own progress bar, and uses the same number of samples on the top
  • adjust the weight with the slider, it will not restart rendering
  • it will enable “Camera->ACES” automatically


  • it has larger aperture size for DOF (depth of field)

HDR Emissive Material

  • formula is changed to “Emit * (10 ^ Power)”
  • “Glow” is only used to enhance Bloom and Bokeh effects

Pause Rendering and Instant Feedback

  • click Image->”||” to pause progressive rendering
  • enable “Sample->GI”
  • every change of material will be immediately displayed in viewport
  • *expensive option, higher end GPU recommended

Sky Background

  • enable “View->Back” [CTRL+B] to display sky as background
  • the fading ground into horizon is controled by “Fog” slider
  • for real fog, enable “Fog” firstly

Ground Material

  • now you can use “Alt+LButton” to click the ground, and then assign “Metal” material to it

Pixelated Rendering

  • turn off “View->AA” to disable Anti-Aliasing and set image size small (128, e.g.

If you haven’t tried MagicaVoxel yet, you should! It’s free and works on both MacOS and Windows systems. Visit Ephtracy for download and more information.