Houdini Gains Suite of Motion Graphics Nodes

Houdini Gains Suite of Motion Graphics Nodes

An Alpha Release of Motion Graphics Nodes for Houdini Offers Custom Built Assets for Designers.

Motion Designers and Houdini users have a reason to rejoice. Entagma’s Moritz Schwind and Toadstorm’s Henry Foster have developed what they call MOPs (Motion Graphics Operators). MOPs is a set of assets for SideFX Houdini that is designed to help motion graphics designers build the setups that people use most in production work. “When we looked at the setups we typically built for commercial projects, we saw certain elements recurring in our node trees.” the MOPs team duo says about the project. As a result, Moritz and Henry decided to combine their efforts and release the motion graphics nodes to assist with design work in Houdini, and they did it as an open source toolkit.

MOPs are constructed to be easy to use and fast, allowing you to get started immediately. The tools allow for an excess of quick and varied setups. The framework is designed to allow for easy development of custom MOPs nodes by users.

The team is planning to release a more advanced set of commercial assets (as a premium add-on) that will tie into the existing MOPs architecture and allow for even more complicated setups.

Visit the MOPs page to learn more and download a set of Motion Graphics nodes for Houdini here.