Texturing a Hero Asset With Substance Painter

Brent LeBlanc Shows Some Techniques to Speed Up the Workflow for Texturing a Hero Asset in Substance Painter.

Texture and shading Artist Brent LeBlanc covers an approach to texturing a hero asset using Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter. The tutorial covers the thought process behind some of the decision in texturing, as well as techniques that you can use in Painter to speed up your workflow.

The final renders for the scene are from Arnold 5 in Maya. If you find yourself working with Substance Painter and Arnold in Maya quite a lot, there is a free script that automates the process a bit. Check out the Substance Painter to Arnold 5 script here.

Brent LeBlanc is a Texture and Shading Artist, an alum if Digital Domain and Blue Sky Studios and lives in the Greater New York area.