An Introduction to Branching With X-Particles in C4D

Athanasios Pozantzis Dives Into Branching Systems With X-Particles’ Branch Modifier.

Known far and wide as “The Noseman,” Pozantzis turns his attention to X-Particles with a new series of tutorials that will look at different features and techniques of insydium’s famous particle and visual effects tool for Cinema 4D. The first installment details how to create and work with branching systems, working with X-Particles xpBranch Modifier.

X-Particles makes this type of work very simple. The Branch Modifier creates structures that you can use with a trail object or render with the Branch Mesher. “This very powerful modifier uses a standard particle stream as the basis for creating a network of branching-particles,” Pozantzis says. “combined with the xpSpineMesher, can generate extremely complex and customizable structures and systems, like plants, blood vessels, feathers.” The video doesn’t get into meshing the results of the branching-system but instead is an excellent introduction to the workflow and possibilities.

Athanasios previously posted a tutorial that worked with Thinking Particles in C4D, showing how to control scale and the age of MoGraph Clones.