X-Particle’s Mike Batchelor looks at generating a tree using the X-Particle Plugin for Cinema 4D, which includes branching techniques. Its an interesting watch if you are not familiar with the simplistic workflow involved with using X-Particles.

New tutorial, how to create a tree and other branching techniques in x-particles

X-Particles for Cinema 4D is the thing for you if you are not to savvy with scripting or understanding a lot of xPresso in Cinema, allowing you to do some complex particle tasks and effects without having to dive into C4D’s xPresso environment, providing unique and intuitive “questions and actions” approach to creating particle simulations. The X-Particles Plugin for Cinema4D costs €99.00, and X-Particles Lite is a Free download based on the X-Particles core system which includes the main functions of its big brother and can be used as a complete particle system.

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