How to Use MASH to Tile Any Type of Roof in Maya

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez Demonstrates a Great Use for Maya MASH, Distributing Roof Tiles.

What has become to be known as “Motion Graphics” toolsets in 3D applications has a myriad of uses, not just for graphics. A statement that is dutifully true for MASH, Maya’s tools for creating motion design-style elements. Replicating, scattering and animating are routines that have a lot of use elsewhere. As an example, when modeling. Check out Carlos Alvarez Velazquez’s Latest tutorial that shows how you can tap MASH to create roof tiles of any style.

Carlos demonstrated how to create a detailed roof using Maya MASH, modeling a roof with Autodesk Maya and using MASH to distribute them across a surface. The tutorial covers a few different styles, working with flexible tiles, curved ceramic style tiles, slate, or a mix. Also included is some problem solving when it comes to the issues that you might encounter.

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez often creates in-depth and highly detailed tutorials — His last had a look into particles, dynamics, MASH and V-Ray to create a fantastic Looking Plexus effect with Maya.