How to Use Bump and Screen Space Normals Together in Fusion

The Fusion Pirate Vito LaManna Covers Working With Fusion’s Shader Node for Combining Bump and Screen Space Normals.

If you have not seen relighting done in composite before, it can seem like a little bit of magic. You can take Normal information and use it to make a 2D element look as if it were 3D. It’s a great way to make lighting changes without having to go all the way back to render in the 3D application. But how do you get better details, while still affecting the overall lighting? WIth Vito LaManna’s latest tutorial, he solves that problem by mixing bump and screen space normals.

Vito’s tutorial discusses the issues, and walk us through using the Shader Node in Fusion to mix the details of the Bump Normals, with the Screen Space Normals to get the ultimate control over relighting elements in Fusion — This allows you to make sweeping changes to the overall lighting, while still keeping the refined details of the Bump normals.